Another buffet adventure

Our initially planned ktv session was turned into a pig-out session. I like buffets because of the wide variety of food but I am only “takaw mata” and never really eat that much so as they say in Tagalog and in Chinese, I am “lugi” when it comes to buffets. But nevertheless, I think I ate well enough to cover the $25++ dinner buffet charge at Sakura in Safra, Tampines.

Plate #1

sushi and sashimi

Just from the name of the restaurant itself, you would already know that it’s mainly Japanese food and I’m not complaining! As much as I wanted to try all the sushi and sashimi, I stopped myself from trying it all because I know I won’t be able to finish it and there’s a price to pay for wasting food – literally! This is the only buffet restaurant that I’ve been to wherein you get charged for wasted food! $5 for every 100grams!

Plate #2

i need my staple - RICE!

I couldn’t help it, I just had to have rice! This was a wrong move on my part because after this plate, I was already full! A big no no for buffets!! I should’ve known better.

Plate #3


I noticed, girls are more into seafood unlike guys. I found out that peeling a shrimp with spoon and fork is not something all of us can do, apparently some still use their bare hands hehe. The clam here was to die for! The salad pasta was a big mistake, same goes with the takuyaki balls! The takuyaki balls that I buy from the food court is so much better! At this point I was really full and I had to have a 45 minute break chit chatting just to have more enthusiasm for dessert!

Plate #4

strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate

I was actually looking forward to eating pistachio ice cream but unfortunately there wasn’t. The unlimited ice cream at Just Acia was so much better.

Plate #5

cakes and mochi

My last plate for the night, what a shame!! My colleagues kept pushing the durian puff (cream puff) and raved that it was really good. I was hesitant to try it since I knew I dislike durian but I gave it a try anyway. A teeny tiny pinch from the durian puff validated my dislike for it hehe.


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