Spontaneous Trip to Ikea

I love Ikea!

Among the jobs that I wanted to have (i.e. writer, photographer, graphics artist, web designer, etc) was actually to become an interior decorator so Ikea is like heaven! Before we were based in Singapore I already heard so much about Ikea and I was thrilled to find out that Ikea has stores in here. I remember the first time I set foot in its Tampines branch, I couldn’t contain my excitement! The sofa sets, dining tables, the ergonomically designed seats, the closet organizers, all the nifty little things that you wouldn’t knew exist but can actaually make your house prettier and your life more efficient! I’m an Ikea fanatic and a proud one at that!

When my parents came for a visit last year, I knew I had to take my mom to Ikea. And I was right, she loved it! But all we could do is gawk and dream on! She managed to purchase a few items, among those the simple yet clever plastic bag holder. Now our plastic bags will no longer be be piled up behind the kitchen door.

Today is Singapore’s National Day and we all decided to look for a shoe rack so off to the nearest Giant Supermarket we went. We ended up buying a rice cooker instead. We were all craving for Ikea’s hotdog sandwich so we didn’t have second thoughts on paying it a visit either since it was just a few steps away from Giant. We  weren’t lucky on finding that elusive shoe rack but we were able to enjoy our hotdogs plus purchase a few goodies from Sweden.

See, I don’t know how Ikea does it – sell pretty and awesome stuff plus drool worthy food and yummy snacks.

Hazelnut chocolate - we are yet to try this one!

Milk chocolate

My husband, being the chocolate addict, devoured this right after paying at the counter. It wasn’t bad at all! And we could bring some back home, perfect for pasalubong hehe.

Godis Gula Snoren (Toffee flavoured candy laces)

This one caught my eye and reminded me of the candy we bought from Hershey’s store a few months ago. It looked like spaghetti and when my sister gave me some samples to try, I was sold! I liked it! It’s not for everyone (i.e. my husband) but I like it! It’s chewy and not too sweet. Perfect when you just want something to munch on.

BILAR Chewy Car sweets

My sister and I are on a chewy candy craze phase right now so we just have to have this! Not too sweet and chewy – perfect! Again, my husband is not too thrilled with these stuff but what the heck!


Potato chips to die for!

How could I forget to blog about the potato chips! THE POTATO CHIPS! This instantly became one of my favorite junk food right now!

Ikea, til we meet again! I may not afford your awesome kitchen cabinets, comfy beds and stylish sofas but I will definitely come back to try your cookies, cakes, coffee, etc!

  1. gtc said:

    didn’t like the candy laces, it tasted like candles :\ guess it isn’t for everyone nga. i love IKEA, though most chinese here in Beijing just sleep on the display beds and couches. lol

    i love their packs of coffee and the DAIM chocolate candies AND the gingerbread biscuits! hmm actually, all the food in IKEA food court is awesome!

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