Yet another quest to eliminate the fat

Saturday morning at exactly 9:45am, I found myself staring at the humonguos mirror in front of me while I strut to J. Lo’s on the floor instead of sleeping and hitting the snooze button not once, but at least thrice. I was in my sweat pants, sports bra, training shoes (which I bought when I had a spur of the moment decision that I wanted to jog regularly, which didn’t happen boohoo) and my hair is unusually tied up to a pony tail. A water bottle is on stand-by just in case I get thirsty and I packed an extra shirt and towel in anticipation of the stinky sweaty me that will step out of that dance studio.

What have I gotten myself into??

I guess I just got sick and tired of looking and pinching and getting frustrated over the fat slowly emerging into my tummy that I decided it’s time to get my big fat ass off the bed and start moving and ehem, exercising. When I was around 20, I told myself that I will start exercising when the time comes that I reach 25. And here I am now, 25, and slowly making baby steps to start exercising (ugh, just saying the word, or rather typing it makes me tired already) and get rid of this fat before it gets too much to handle!

I have been browsing through several dance classes now since I think it’s the most efficient way for me to exercise without too much ass dragging just to get it done. I also figured that being in a class, in an actual studio with several fat burner wanna be’s like me will be more fun rather than watching exercise (there’s that word again! ugh!) videos in youtube all by myself, looking stupid and cheating all the way thru the entire routine haha! I brought up the idea to my colleague and was so happy to find out that we were in the same wavelength, she thought she needs to lose weight too!

She mentioned this zumba work out thingy, which sounded like rumba to me, and apparently it’s the hottest craze in the US. Sounds interesting, but is it do-able? Is it effective? Will it make me sweat? I don’t know for sure but at that moment I heard myself say yes, let’s do it! Now, we were discussing this on a Friday, and the next thing I knew she  already booked a zumba class on a Saturday aka the next day! So Saturday it is.

Like any event, place or what-not that a regular girl must attend or go to,  the first thing that comes to her mind is the perennial question – what to wear? I thought about this hard. I mentally pictured my closet but knew deep in my heart that I wouldn’t have anything fitting to wear. People who know me know that I am not the athletic and sporty type. Just take a quick look at me and you’ll figure I’m a wimpy, lazy ass, too far fetched from being sporty. If it hasn’t been for my short lived jogging urge, I wouldn’t have own a pair of rubber shoes, sports bra and running shorts! My last pair was way back in college when I was forced to have one, hello P.E. days. Luckily I was able to find a black spandex/sweat pants that I could use so outfit problem solved!

$12 per session is actually quite steep for an exercise routine you could do at home for free but what the heck, that is the price for beauty, I mean for health! But lo and behold. We asked one of our former colleagues to join us and turns out the owner of the Zumba class that we wanted to attend is her boss and the session will be FOC! My cheapskate eyes widened with glee! We couldn’t help but think that this zumba was really meant for us haha!

As the cliche goes, Filipino time is always late, and yes, we arrived a couple of minutes before the session started. My “epal”-know-it-all ass went in front so I had a full view of what I was doing. It has been years since the last time I danced (dancing in clubs is not counted ok?) and I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out. The instructor started doing simple steps to the tune of as I’ve said earlier, J. Lo’s on the floor. I thought to myself, what the hell is this? This is no sweat at all, easy pissy! But I was so wrong. Halfway thru the dance I could really feel my face all flushed from the heat, my heart was beating fast and I was sweating buckets. Or so I thought! My colleague approached me and asked me, how come I wasn’t sweating? Wasn’t I? Then what do you call this salty stuff coming out of my skin? This is the sweatiest I could get! But apparently I wasn’t really THAT sweaty as compared to them and they disclosed it as because I do not have too much fat too burn. I beg to differ. It’s just that, I am really not the sweaty type. I don’t even use deodorant. Oops, I guess that’s too much information, but it’s true. And no, I don’t have body odour.

Now the question is, how long will this zumba “phase” last? Knowing myself, I couldn’t really commit to any exercise routine. I do hope that I’m wrong!

  1. dulok said:

    ang mahal noh! kung masipag lang talaga tayo, di na kailangang gumastos ng ganyan! I’m on a desperate diet move also. Kakahiya.

    • kaya nga ang mahal! may discount daw kame, $10 na lang! pwede na rin haha makakuha lang ng momentum! look at us, commenting in each others blogs! so liberating! hahaha!!

      • dulok said:

        yes =) kakatuwa!

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