Lunchtime Dilemma

Everyday during office lunch hours which is between 1pm to 2pm, I will take my baon to our pantry at the 3rd floor, pop it in the microwave and eat my lunch there. I would usually spend time eating alone which I prefer rather than having company since I can eat fast and surf the net later or maybe catch a quick nap. Recently, there is a new “auntie” who is working as a part-time employee for the laundry area who would also eat her packed meal there. She would arrive at the pantry a few minutes earlier than me so by the time I get there, she would be halfway through her meal.

Not that I am being selfish of the pantry area and wanting it all for myself, I would not mind her taking her lunch there but she has a disgusting habit that annoys me and yeah, disgusts me.

The pantry is a very small place, in fact, it’s just a make shift pantry wherein they placed a water fountain, a microwave oven and a couple of tables and chairs and poof instant patry. Walk a few steps away from one of the tables and you would reach the toilet. The toilets are quite small too and usually the doors are open and upon stepping in, you will be greeted by the sink and mirror – that’s how small it is.

Since this auntie comes a few minutes earlier than me, she would finish her meal by the time I would start mine. The problem is, after every meal, she would step inside the toilet (did I mention it’s just a few steps away from the table?) and will release all her bloody mucus which seems to come from all over the place aside from her nose and throat. To add insult to injury, she shoots her mucus so loudly with all her might that I lose my apetite upon hearing it! I have to painfully endure hearing her extract all her mucus while eating my lunch. I couldn’t stand it. I will give her disgusted looks but to no avail.

And then I thought of a bright idea which makes me want to slap my head for not thinking of it earlier!! Today I brought my earphones and blasted the music out so loud while eating that I couldn’t care less on what the hell she is doing in the bloody toilet. As long as there isn’t a smell I’m fine with it! And tomorrow, I can eat my lunch in peace.


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