Thursday Surprise!

Look what we got here! I mentioned in my previous blog post that I won a 3 days and 2 nights stay at Marriott Hotel in Phuket courtesy of Elle Magazine for being letter of the month which led us to an unplanned trip to Phuket. During our flight, I was browsing the in-flight magazine and saw this “Fan Page” section wherein you submit your recent stories with Jetstar and if your story is chosen, you could win $500 worth of travel vouchers.

So I did submit our story for that recent Phuket trip. I got an email a few days later informing me that I was shortlisted and requested me to submit more high resolution photos, so I did. And today, right before I took my lunch break, the email came in and yes I won! Woopee!!

I immediately called my hon to tell him the good news! haha!

Now the problem is, the voucher has certain limitations. It can’t be used on PH and weekends. We are only allowed to have 7 days paid vacation leaves in one year (IT SUCKS, I KNOW) and as of the moment I only have 4 1/2 leaves left for the entire year so another trip is not possible.  I am now trying to sell the vouchers at 50% off haha. I’ve already posted to several forums and online groups and so far 1 person replied and is interested to purchase them. Earning $250 without lifting a finger, not bad at all!

Hhhmm, now which contest should I join next?? lol!

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  1. Anie said:

    Hello She, it’s so cool to read your blog again! And aren’t you the lucky gal? And I’m glad we’re on WordPress na, haha! Syempre, just like the old times, you’d be on my link list! 🙂

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