The fun continues…

We started our second day with our anticipated breakfast buffet. We love breakfast buffets specially if they are free!

After breakfast, we found ourselves trying to haggle with several cab drivers along Patong until we chance upon this driver. Surprisingly, he speaks good english and while we were on our way to church, he entertained us with his stories. We got to know him a bit, he has 2 (or three?) daughters who are in college and he brings them to school everyday because he didn’t want them to take public transportation because it is dangerous. This reminded me of ME when  was in college, although I would still take public transport from time to time. He has visited Malaysia but has never been to Singapore. He said he would love to visit Singapore if he has the “money”. I couldn’t help but ask him about the 2004 tsunami so I did! Guess I wasn’t the first tourist to ask him this since he was prepared and even showed us a photo. Apparently he was one of the casualties who got injured. He even had a name card to boot. Initially our destination was only to hear mass, go to Wat Chalong, Old Phuket Town and Big Buddha but we made several stops along the way. He asked our permission if he could drop us to several souvenir and factory shops because whenever he do so, these businesses will give him free petrol. I guess this was common practice among cab drivers since we also saw several tourists in those far flung souvenir shops.

We went to hear mass at the Our Lady of Assumption Church in old Phuket Town and where else would you find fellow Filipinos when you are in a foreign land but in a Catholic church.

It was extremely hot that day that we didn’t want to walk along Old Phuket Town anymore so I asked our cab driver to take us to Wat Chalong. But first, a few stops to some factories! I felt like I was in a school educational tour.

We reached Wat Chalong and it was scorching hot! It was a pain taking all these photos but well worth it.

We ended the day with a nice Thai massage with the number 1 massage spa in Phuket according to trip advisor (which is my bff whenever we go on trips).


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