Like Fields Avenue but with an Awesome Beach

When I joined a contest in a local magazine, bragging aside, I knew that my story has the “winning factor” so I wasn’t surprised at all when I suddenly received an email stating that I was the winner. When I checked what my prize was, it was a 3 days and  2 nights stay in Marriott Hotel at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. I though to myself, this is an unplanned holiday waiting to happen! I was lucky enough to scour cheap tickets to Phuket which  I booked almost 6 months early haha!

We left Singapore on a Friday evening which means we’ll stay in Phuket for 3 days and 3 nights. We didn’t want to shell out $200++ a night at Marriott so we checked in at Limburi Hometel which was onyly 1,450 THB per night and it already comes with breakfast.

Since we won’t be able to eat our breakfast the following day because we had a snuba trip scheduled at 7am, I requested them to serve the breakfast that night since we haven’t had our dinner yet and they willingly obliged. =) We were served toasted bread, eggs, bacon and orange juice and it wasn’t bad at all!

The following day we left the “hometel” early to check in at Marriott which was just a few blocks away (I strategically searched for a cheap hotel that is near Marriott!). Early check in was not allowed so we just left our things at the reception and waited for our snuba tour driver at the lobby. He was a few minutes late and we were paranoid and thought that he didn’t see us at the lobby and left us so we approached the reception to help us contact them. Let’s just say they were not too keen on helping us but they eventually did. Nevertheless, it still led me to writing a complaint letter to the manager days after our trip!

And finally our driver arrived and as for our snuba tour, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

We checked in at Marriott right after the snuba tour (which was amazing!!!). The room was nice but nothing special. It almost looked like the hotel room when we went to Bintan, Indonesia.

The thing I loved most about hotel rooms are their comfy bed sheets! I wonder how many thread counts??

I always look forward to the toiletries in hotels! I take them home! I just like their “miniatureness”! LOL

And I am now a Marriott Rewards member even if I haven’t even paid a single cent for their rooms! How cools is that?

The pool looks inviting! We took a dip the following day.

Souvenir key chains which they gave to us for free at Ban Raya Restaurant.

It was time for dinner and I thought of eating at Jungceylon mall. Problem was, I didn’t know exactly where it was but I know it was a few blocks away from our hotel. We walked along Patong beach and Bangla Road to search for Jungceylon Mall. I must say, Phuket (especially Patong Beach) reminded us of Fields Avenue back home, minus the beach! With all the clubs, vendors and foreigners, it really looked like a better version of fields so i liked it haha! I miss my hometown so you can’t blame me. Going back to Jungceylon, apparently it’s a shopping haven but we’re not in the mood for shopping. We were just, well, really hungry and we were keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll find a KFC that serves rice (they don’t serve rice in Singapore). We finally reached Jungceylon only to find out that there ain’t anything we liked there (and no KFC too!) so we just scoured the streets for a nice restaurant and ended up at Patong Seafood.

It’s ironic that we ate at Patong Seafood but still ended up ordering chicken! haha. No tips for them because their service was horrible. We also noticed that whenever we eat at restos and request for ice water, they always serve us bottled water for a fee. Yes, no free ice water in Patong (at least for us)!

That night we slept like babies and I anticipated that the following morning we’ll both have muscle aches from all the swimming, snorkling and snuba diving.


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