My cheaper alternative to Nescafe

So I already consumed all the coffee that we brought here since we came, it was one box of 3 in 1 Nescafe which I think consisted of around 15 packs. Since then I have been scouring Fair Price and Shop n Save for 3 in 1 coffee that wouldn’t cost as much as $5.50 which is the price of Nescafe here. H was hesitant to give in to my caffeine fixation and insists I stop drinking coffee altogether! Being a non coffee drinker, he doesn’t understand how it feels like to be coffee deprived. But still while we were at Fair Price the other day, he handed me this 1 pack of coffee from Indonesia which only cost us $3. We are the ultimate cheapskates here. As if we have a choice. We would always scour for the cheapest chicken, cheapest pork, cheapest soy sauce, if it’s the cheapest then we’ll definitely get it! Although we don’t bother to check the local wet market even if it seems cheaper there because it’s still easier to pick a piece of meat that’s already been packed and sealed with the weight and price indicated, bring it to the cashier and pay for it rather than trying to communicate with the local wet market vendors thru sign language and end up getting the wrong meat or buying more than what you actually intended to. Going back to the coffee, we got this Indocafe coffee which does not taste bad at all. The other day our housemate told me about the coffee she had at one of the hawkers here which had condensed milk in it. I’d definitely try that one of these days since she said it was so good she recently bought a can of condensed milk to try it herself. Gotta love coffee.

This pack will probably last me a month.

These are photos from last Thursday’s lunch at Suntec. We dropped by at the IT Fair to check some cheap gadgets. We ended up getting a W120 for $199 the following day. I had sambal chicken which I never had before, I didn’t expect it to be spicy but it was! It was just ok, nothing fancy. H had sweet and sour pork which I think is boring but the pork was crunchy which he didn’t like. I didn’t like it either. He ended up not finishing his meal. Both were $4.5.

sambal chicken

sweet and sour pork


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