What we’ve been up to

We went to Fair Price yesterday to purchase chicken, pork and other stuff that we’re going to eat for 2 days. One sales lady approached us and offered us a free taste. It was like chocolatey peanut butter on a piece of loaf bread. After we tasted it, we we’re hooked. Whatever she was selling was amazing. She then led us to a stack of the product we just tasted. Turns out it was Nutella. She tried to “sales talk” us, if that’s what you would call it because she barely talked since she’s having difficulty speaking in English. She just kept on showing us the jar of Nutella and said its price over and over. Damn was it expensive but we can’t help ourselves so we got a small jar which costs $3.10!! It’s almost the same price as the chicken were about to eat for lunch! H keeps on scooping a spoonful of Nutella every now and then. We can’t help but notice that Nutella tastes familiar until we saw the word “Ferrero” on the jar. Yes exactly! It tastes like Ferrero Rocher! I immediately googled and indeed, the chocolatey stuff inside my favorite chocolates is none other than Nutella. No wonder we easily got hooked.

Beware! Addictive stuff

Then we passed by a shelf of snickers and saw that they were on sale. These past few days that we’ve been staying here I always crave for Snickers, probably because I have been junk food and comfort food deprived for 2 weeks already and the mere sight of a Snickers bar makes me high! As expected, we got 2 bars and whenever we eat it, we would cut 1 bar in half and save the other one for the next day. We only get to eat half bar so imagine how bitin we get.

Anyway, here are snippets last Thursday at Suntec.

Our “visitors” sticker

We got these freebies: post its, tissue and lcd cleaner

We also got pens and paper bags (not in pic though)

We ate at Suntec City Mall, I had black pepper beef with vegetables and egg. This was really good, it tasted like beef with oyster sauce and lots of pepper. The vegetable also looked quite tempting, even if I don’t eat vegetables at all I was tempted to taste it. Not bad but I did not finish the veggies šŸ™‚ This came with a bowl of soup which tasted like they just put salt and pepper in it. This set us back around $4.50 I think? Quite cheap compared if we ate at Mc Donald’s and we won’t even get to eat rice!! The first time we tried fast food here was in KFC at Orchard. We were really starving that time and we ordered spicy chicken. As the crew handed me our tray with our meals on it, I asked her where’s the rice? She said “We don’t have rice here.” I was like, WTF?? I told her over and over again that we are ordering “extra rice” and now she’s telling me they don’t have rice. Apparently KFC and Mc Donald’s don’t serve rice here. What we did was eat 1pc chicken and took home the other part so we could eat it with rice!

black pepper beef with veggies and egg

H’s meal was like pork marinated in a sweet sauce or something. He forgot the name but he already ordered this same dish twice, the other time was when we were at a hawker in China town.

H’s unknown dish

At the end of the day we were exhausted from all the walking that we did.
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  1. >nutella is very addictive. I can eat the whole jar in one go.

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