The Funny Ones

One of our cashiers calls me in the middle of one of her transactions;

cashier: mam, anong flavor ng pizza natin?

me: supreme

cashier to customer: mam, supreme po yun pizza namen.

customer: anong pizza?

cashier: looks at me in confusion

me to customer: mam supreme po yun flavor ng pizza

customer: hindi, tinatanong ko anong picha ngayun

cashier: supreme nga po

customer: anong picha? anong date?

me: aug 11!

After the transaction, the cashier bursts out in laughter.

The next day a customer hands me a piece of paper, written on that piece of paper is what their boss instructed them to buy. Usually, when bosses would ask their assistants/maids/drivers/slave to buy something from us, they would write it on a piece of paper to avoid confusion since some of our breads are difficult to pronounce for those who are not familiar with italian/french breads. As soon as I reached for the paper, I turned to read what is written and it said “1 scissor salad”. Wow, what a boss. She/He wants scissor salad. Haha.


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