Today is my favorite day of the week

I don’t have a permanent favorite day of the week. Sometimes it’s Monday, sometimes it’s Tuesday, it varies really. As long as that day will mark my time card with the letters O-F-F, voila, that day instantly becomes my favorite day of the week.

But sad to say, even if it’s my day off, even if it is that one day per week where you’re supposed to relax and forget about work, my phone keeps bugging me and all I get are work related texts that just stress me out. It’s so frustrating because I know I have the choice to not just care and pretend that I didn’t receive these texts, but might as well respond to these texts rather than being worried and curious on what the hell happened with the store. I might come to work the next day and find out the entire store has been blown into pieces.

Nevertheless, I’ll make the most out of this day. I slept until 9:30 this morning, and I don’t get that much privilege this past few days since I scheduled myself on the morning shift. Next week, I will be able to sleep my ass off again because I want to be on a night shift. The joys of being able to make your own schedule. 🙂 Plus I downloaded tons of mp3s for H and tried to tweak my blog’s template but to no avail. I’ll try it again next time. I’m not used to tweaking blogger templates as I’m used to making my own blog from scratch, maybe next week this blog won’t be as ugly anymore.


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