Balloon? Maybe next year

I had it all planned that we’ll go to the hot air balloon fest last Saturday until the unpredictable fickle me striked again. I was busy talking to Gel on YM and she decided she’ll drop by at our house. H arrived at around 4:30 to pick me up so we could go to the balloon fest but Gel insisted we just visit Jean instead. I tried my best to bathe as fast as I can so they won’t wit for an hour and another 30 minutes for me to get dressed. So off we went to Jean’s place. On our way there, the tricycle before us had some interesting passengers. There were 2 couples plus the driver, 5 people all in all. Then all of a sudden they started making out which made us stare haha. I told H to keep his eyes on the road and not on the smooching couples.

So Jean cooked dinner for us which took her a couple or so of hours to prepare. Gel and I didn’t even help her and instead we just stayed in the living room with H, lying our lazy ass on the bed (their house is an apartment type with no rooms so the couches can be converted into beds). Yeah, we let our 8 month pregnant friend do all the dirty work yay!

Eventually, I rescheduled the hot air balloon thing the next day, Sunday. The plan was to hear mass with pok and her bf then go straight to Clark. Ela insisted on coming with us so we tagged her along. As we reached Clark, I realized there were really a lot of people at the balloon fest so we went to the park instead. When we got hungry, H and I bought food at McDonalds where we saw his classmate whom we always always see. Stalker.

That pretty much made my weekend.

This morning H wasn’t able to attend his class because we went to get my requirements at the city hall. Gathering every single requirement took longer than expected so he got late and eventually as he reached school, the class was already dismissed hehe. Then later this afternoon he went at our house and asked me if I wanted anything so I told him to bring me baked mac from Toll House which I really miss. Back when I was still in school we’d go there almost everyday so you can just imagine how much I miss that place, especially my friends.

  1. Diane said:

    >hot air balloon 😮 nde ko yata kaya sumakay jan! lolpi

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