Look what we got here! Got featured on Inquirer’s You Blog Addicts!

So I think by now some people who actually know me already came across this blog. Well, hello people. Yes I blog. Come on, dig in, there’s plenty of stupid shallow stuff to read.


**I have a crush right now, and I’m like a giddy high school girl once again. kilig haha

**For the record, I’m not enjoying this pretending to be insensitive thing. I’m not insesitive, sometimes I just pretend I am. I don’t know why. Or maybe I do know why, I just can’t explain why.

**I am deleting some old blog entries that I wrote when my sanity decided to take a leave.

**4 articles due tommorow! Last last week I’ve submitted really late articles, I thought I’ll lose my job haha. Another lesson learned.

**We watched pirates of the carribean last Wednesday and halfway through the movie I slept. Then my exam for the afternoon was cancelled so I just went home. The weather was really bad.

**I’ve made several people sad, I’m bad.

**I’ll blog again, maybe later..

  1. Abaniko said:

    >Now, who’s your crush? And why do you have a crush on the person. Tell, tell. šŸ™‚

  2. Ann said:

    >wow! she , galing naman, nasa inquirer ka. Baka mabasa yan ng crush mo….

  3. Anie said:

    >whoa she! how cool is that?! can’t wait to see pirates!!! monday, baby! monday! ahahahah!

  4. kc said:

    >hey! nice! got featured… keep it up…

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