Kinda late

First off a very belated happy father’s day and happy birthday to my dad. 🙂

Well obviously I’ve been a little bit busy. I have time to blog but I want that extra time to be spent on bumming around.

For some breaking news, my sister’s got a boyfriend already. I was badly craving for pizza the whole day so I texted her and told her to ask her boyfriend to buy me a pizza which she willingly did. My lola is back from Manila and she will be staying here again. She met my sister’s boyfriend for the first time tonight and I couldn’t help but laugh at the things she said to him – recognizing the fact that my sister’s boyfriend is five years older than her.

“Bata pa yang si Charmaine.”

“Gusto ko kasi makatapos muna sya ng pag-aaral.”

“Mukha ka namang mabait, ewan ko lang kung mabait talaga.”

It was hilarious.

“Lola hindi pa mag-aasawa yan, boyfriend lang!”


Thesis update! So far so good! Few minor revisions, mostly formatting and citations.

  1. cherry said:

    >thesis sucks, i passed mine with the help of my genius friend

  2. >it’s never too late to love a loved-one :)pizza-cravings?

  3. Ange said:

    >OMG, MAine has a boyfriend? WOW….

  4. Abaniko said:

    >Si lola talaga, napaka-protective. So how was the pizza?

  5. >ur lola’s funny!! nkakatuwa…anyway, linked u from Inquirer..just in case u don’t know yet.uv’e been featured na!!hahahacongrats… hope 2 read updates from u again…x’sgoodluck w/ the ‘lovelife’the right one will come…

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