I love thesis

and I’m sarcastic.

Ok I have 6 articles due tommorow evening, I can finish those tonight. Then tommorow evening my thesis groupmates are going to sleep here so that we could pass it on Saturday already.

It’s very difficult to be doing a thesis when you’re going to school Monday to Saturday , plus I still have this online job thing.

But everything is manageable. I can’t be called a multi tasker for nothing but the problem is I’m also a procrastinator. Tsk tsk.

Damnit I really hate this thesis.

Anyway these photos were from last summer. Ela made me this letter, as usual, out of nowhere.

A closer look. The photos are blurry I know.

Yeah she thinks I need a boyfriend.

  1. jairam said:

    >Creative si Ella ha πŸ™‚ Glad I found a Kapampangan blogger like me!

  2. Ann said:

    >Buhay estudyante….di bale pag may work ka na, bawi ka na lang.

  3. >Thesis talga pinaka mahirap sa pagiging buhay estudyante.Pero nakakamiss din pag nagwowork ka na. Hehe

  4. Mariel said:

    >she reminds me of myself when i was younger. I used to do that too.

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