Sour graping

I felt like the word “excited” was plastered on everbody’s forehead at the cinema yesterday morning because nothing shouts excited than arriving at the cinema in as early as 10am, the aircon were still turned off, the screen was still turned off and the cinema was half full with people who I bet were as excited as us. Unfortunately all the excitement and the fuss wasn’t worth it. The Da Vinci code the movie is disappointing. But still, for those who haven’t watched it, watch it. So you could see what I mean and so you won’t be left behind when other people would talk about it.

Just when I am obsessing on how big my tummy has become in the last few months, here comes this vocalist with an unfairly hot body with an unbelievably nice abs. And so the enviousness became apparent.

Her body’s hot, but is she pretty? I think she looks like Jaya.

Her boobs are really nice but look, her ass is flat.

She’s obviously immitating Beyonce.

Her face isn’t really pretty.

I kept on blabbing while I smoked, danced and drank my enviousness away, causing more serious damage to my slowly inflating tummy.

Last night was fun.

  1. Ann said:

    >Sige panoorin ko pa rin sya. Kelan kaya yung DVD copy nya rito.

  2. >disappointing nga ang Da Vinci code. hehe

  3. >the movie translation was a good try. kahit medyo malamya sya ng’s a good thing they didn’t put that romantic escapade thing at the end. kadiri siguro yun. at galing ni Teabing. naaliw ako sa kanya.

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