Yet another numbered entry

1. The weather’s making me reminiscent, sometimes I hate the rain, sometimes I love it. Now I’m loving it.

2. Last week two people said to me that I’m the only one that’s making them happy.

3. I’ve been going to that newly opened SM mall for three consecutive days already and it has only been opened fo what, five days.

4. Donnie and I have made up our mind already that we are going to be on a hunger strike if the school is not going to offer that one subject we need to graduate.

5. Can’t wait for school.

6. I need to buy some cute outfits for the rainy season.

7. I’m excited to attend my subject wherein my classmates will be freshies, because I, the super senior, will reign! *evil laugh*

8. I got dark over the summer. bwiset.

  1. Anie said:

    >for some reasons, i’m a bit excited about school… not so me… probably because i’m on my junior year but mostly because i can’t wait to graduate… at may funacc pa ako. haayyy!

  2. Ann said:

    >Inaraw-araw mo SM ha, lapit lang kasi eh.Ako miss ko na ulan talaga, kahit yata bagyo pa ..hehehe..wag lang malakas na bagyo.

  3. ton said:

    >this blog is like a pinoy big brother story… there’s so much drama and yet it’s so teeny bopperish…:)

  4. >gaack, nadelete ko she sorry…oh well, let me retype that. what a circumstance, i was malling for three days straight too.nyahaha

  5. she said:

    >anie: ha may funac ka pa??? dami pa kasunod nun ah!!ann: yes ang lapit lang kasi hehe..ton: so teenybopperish? hmm.. is that a good thing or a bad thing bwahahasweet: adict sa mall haha

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