Mall rat

There’s this yet another spontaneously planned swimming that my friends and i should go to but at the last minute I decided I won’t come because the weather just sucks and I wasn’t feeling well.

I am super duper happy with the new mall that opened two days ago. It’s so near my house ahaha! Went there yesterday to check it out, not that big but I like it. Now I have 7 malls to choose from.

Sm City clark – this one’s near my house, I like the feeling that when I’m outside the mall I feel like I’m in a different place. I’d definitely go here very very often, when I’m bored, doing errands, shopping, movies, hanging out with friends.

Sm City Pampanga – I’ll just go here when I’m looking for something that I’m not able to find in Sm Clark. I’d also go here if I don’t feel like bumping into a lot of people I know when shopping because that’ll definitely be the case in Sm Clark.

Robinsons Balibago – this is my mall when I ‘m not going to do any serious shopping, when I badly need to buy something but then I don’t want anybody to see that I have a huge zit on my face, when I’m feeling ugly and when I want to stay away from the crowd.

Robinsons Pampanga – the place to be when I’m on a secret date or when I’m on a date with someone I don’t wanna be seen hanging out with.

Nepo Mall – this is the mall we’d go to before, after, and in between classes

Jenra Mall – I don’t know. will I still go to this mall???? Maybe when watching movies and for videoke haha..

Savers Mall – Same thing, will I still go to this mall?? Goodness..

Yipee.. Only problem is I’m broke. After that we went to my cousin’s birthday.

Anyway, Happy mothers day mami and lola and lola. šŸ™‚

  1. mei said:

    >hi she! hmm, i was right from pampanga ka nga! hehe. kasi parang may nakita akong pic ng PAC dito before. i’ve been there before kasi.enjoy mall hopping! =)

  2. Anie said:

    >went there last saturday night, not that big but yeah i like it too. 15 minute drive from our place! how cool is that?!

  3. mei said:

    >hi she. sorry can’t post at your tagboard eh. nope, I’m from marikina but my bro-in-law’s from there, macabebe ba yun? so i used to visit every summer jan when i was a kied =)

  4. Ann said:

    >Bukas na pala ang SM clark. Under construction kasi sya last vacation namin. Kakagulat ang development ng pampanga after lahar no?

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