My mind is a nomad

Lately there has been so much talk, so much drama, so much selfishness, so much guilt, so much love, so much confusion. A blast of emotions. How melancholic. Life isn’t really fair and I’m the bitch. Call me the bad guy. Been thinking about so many things.

Like this morning, I was making Milo, I taste it. Needs more Milo, so, I scoop a spoonful of Milo until my lola reacted, it wasn’t Milo, it was coffee. I added a spoonful of coffee to my chocolate drink. Wallah! Accidental mocha drink. My mind is apparently wandering.

This has got to stop.

  1. Ann said:

    >Naku She! Are you in love?

  2. >aba bakit kaya ikaw nagkakaganyan?Ito na pala ang bagong bahay mo ^^.Miss ko na dumalaw dito šŸ˜‰

  3. Joel said:

    >Pareho tayo… medyo nahihirapan din ako mag focus ngayonBTW nice site

  4. cherry said:

    >it happened to me too… pero wala eh, i think i was just sleepy heheh. well i hope you get sane by tomorrow

  5. she said:

    >ann: i figure i’m not and that’s what’s so sadteripotz: eto tinotopak lang.. yes ito na baging bahay kojoel: thanks.. cherry: hay di pa ko sane

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