What I’ve been up to

We stayed at a friend’s house, we always stay there for get togethers and mini parties because there is nothing like having the house all for ourselves. Thanks to his parents who are working their ass off in the states.

A very spontaneously planned trip to 100 islands was set a few days before so I didn’t really know what to expect. We didn’t want to stay at the more populated islands (Quezon and Children’s) so we opted to stay at Scout island. We were the only group in the island, aside from a family and a couple but at the end of the day we were the only ones left in the island. Scout island has really nice fine sand, clear waters and lovely corals. Because I am a scaredy cat, I freak out whenever I see jelly fishes and sea plants. The sea plants made me paranoid, thinking that they were some evil sea monster of sorts. At the end of the day we were really exhausted. And the overly abused word for the day was FS which stands for Fucking Shit.

I thought I’d be going to Vigan next month but when I woke up my dad said we are going to Vigan so there goes the packing! We stayed at Launion.

We stayed at Heritage resort where I met several highschool kids. I was sitting by the pool when this kids started yelling “ate anong pangalan mo”. Because I was a snob, I ignored them and left. When I came back a couple of girls approached me and asked for my name. When asked why they were asking for my name and number they answered “ang ganda mo po kasi“. How weird can that get? To think these are girls and not boys. And of course, I sang my heart out at the videoke lounge.

Back to La Union where we had fun letting the waves hit our backs and after about 30 minutes of staying in the water I felt my face sting and I felt hot. Apparently something was wrong. I had a friggin alergy attack which made my dad call the doctor and buy meds. Nothing serious though. I looked like Will Smith in Hitch when he had allergies. That’s how bad I looked.

On our way home we visited Manaoag church then went to Nueva Ecija. I haven’t been there for quite sometime. I dared my sister that we stay there for a one week vacation. She said she’ll die. Me too, I guess.


The new layout’s on its way. Yeah, I broke my promise.

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  1. >hmmm, your old link now leads me to valiums haha…what happened?Vigan, i went there too just last week, yey.

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