My attempt to blog again

So far my summer vacation is going nowhere. I’d wake up at around 11:00am, eat then watch tv. Then I have my lunch and watch more tv. I’d again sleep for about an hour (I just woke up and I’d sleep again huh), then I’d wake up, watch some more tv, and eat merienda. In between text messages (thanks to Globe’s unlimited my phone is now with me 24/7), I’d again watch even more tv. I’d try to read one of the the four books I bought last semester but then my phone won’t stop beeping and I can’t resist not to reply (hey unlimited to) so I ditch the book and happily text away and ridiculously watch more tv until around 2am and then I sleep.

repeat process all over again..

This is how my vacation is going, bow.

I break this painful routine by going out with friends, malling, and drinking sessions.

I hate routines. I love spontaneity!


Can anyone recommend a good and FREE mov to avi/wmv converter? Or any mov movie editor? I want to edit my videos but I can’t seem to find the right software. Help. Thanks.


I’m craving for taho and starbucks or COD. How ironic eh? Taho and starbucks.

  1. Abaniko said:

    >And where, pray tell, is blogging in your routine? Repent, you sinner!

  2. >shet. sana may summer vacation din sa work. right.

  3. >When i was a student, i was thinking how monotonous my summer vacation could be and now that i’m working already…gah..i’d do anything to have a long vacation! XD

  4. cherry said:

    >i’ve been looking for movie editors too but my brother said its not good for our computer. ewan ko why. anyways, is the marilao bulacan mall any good? have u been there? we have a vacation house at town and country, but we’re not from bulacan.

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