Grad galore

So much has been happening lately that I rarely have the time to blog.

We went to bot’s graduation although we didn’t really watch her (bad) because we just stayed at mini stop and when we went back to the school the graduation was about to end already. After that we went to her grad “party” which consisted of three visitors; me, dulok, and beb. As usual there were lots of photos involved. We also took photos inside her room and freaked ourselves out when we saw orbs on some of the pictures. Everyone knows (except bebang haha) the Japanese soldier ghost story her mom used to tell and that was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the orb. They (I was so scared to remove the pillow covering my scaredycontinued taking photos of thw window and the orbs were everywhere. As much as I want to post the photos and encircle the orbs, I can’t and I won’t, that’s how scared I am. Hehe.

Then last Saturday was Beb’s graduation, this time we were early so we got to see her up on the stage and even acted as fanatics clapping our hands as loud as we can when she was called. The speaker, as moct speakers are, was boring so we entertained ourselves by taking lots of photos. We slept at dulok’s house because it was already late.

As for my graduation, watch out! It’ll be this November. Haha. Excited. Ok, I’m one semester late but I don’t care! Ha!

Congrats guys! šŸ™‚


I tried downloading photostory 3 but turns out I have an illegal copy of windows so I’m not allowed to download it! Bwiset.

[pics soon]

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  1. >congrats to your buds~ and hey! just think: you have an extra fun semester of school to enjoy! :)i miss school…

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