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Four Jobs I’ve Had In My Life
1. im
2. a
3. lazy
4. bum

Four Films I Can Watch Over And Over (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)
1. jawbreaker
2. crazy/beautiful
3. clueless
4. romy and michelle’s highschool reunion

yeah chick flick rocks

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Manila
2. Nueva Ecija
3. Angeles

Four TV Programs I Love To Watch
1. Desperate housewives
2. Charmed
3. The OC
4. myth busters

Four Places I Would Have Visited, Had I Had The Money
1. USA
2. France
3. Italy
4. Japan

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. gmail
2. female network forum
3. my blog
4. google

Four Of My Favorite Foods
1. thick crust pizza
2. carbonara/pasta alfredo
3. sea food kare kare
4. chicken adobo

Four Places I Would Rather Be
1. USA
2. France
3. Italy

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
1. im
2. not
3. tagging
4. anyone 🙂

  1. >i’ve learned from mythbusters that it’s better to walk than to run in the rain… – it’s summer though, it doesn’t apply hehe.

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