I blogged to tell you this

After, what, 13 years? I was on a carousel again! My 7 year old sister insisted that she wanted to ride the carousel and who else would be willing to accompany her but the ever reliable me! For a while I remembered how it felt like riding the carousel when I was a kid. And yes, I didn’t miss riding the boomerang again.

Nothing much happening, so for the meantime, I leave you with these:

My kodak commercial and try this test. It’s interesting, I got 8/11. (got the link from abaniko)

  1. Anie said:

    >ahahahah!!! boomerang u said? mann! nung sumukay ako dun, my friends were laughing their butt off because of my freakin’ reactions while strapped on the seat… kainis! at least i tried it diba?

  2. cherry said:

    >i really hate that commercial because it makes me cry esp. in the part where the old man stares at the old lady (prolly his dead wife). huhuhuhu… i love pictures. even with digital camera, i still order prints.

  3. >i saw the kodak commercial. it actually urges me now to to scan all my folk’s old pics…to uhmm protect, share and immortalize it.ayuus.your solo pic looks nice there btw.tc.

  4. Ann said:

    >Hi She! Buti di ka inantok nung nakasakay ka, ang bagal nun di ba?

  5. >nahihilo ako sa carousel. roller coaster nalang šŸ™‚

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