It stopped at 13 unintentionally. Am I really doomed?

First off, Dooce’s daughter Leta has the cutest voice ever! Whenever I listen to this and this I want to pinch somebody’s cheeks even if they are not cute.

Second, I want to start a photoblog (again for the nth time), it won’t be a really artistic slash creative kind of photoblog but just plain photos I take everyday. Wala lang. I just want a photoblog. So, I’m itching to have my own digicam because I’m starting to dislike our digicam and I want to have a digicam that I could hold onto the entire day so I could take loads of pictures.

Third, I am going to work this summer. It was totally unplanned because my plan was to be a bum this vacation, remember? My friend texted me the other day and said we could apply and we’ll take the test the next day already. Spontaneous. I love spontaneity right? I said I’ll think about it, then after a minute (yes the thinking only took a minute) I was texting her “What are the requirements?”. Bragging aside, I nailed the actual test and the other written tests although I totally sucked at the ridiculosuly difficult quantitative test. Some applicants even attempted to cheat and I didn’t care because eventually they got caught anyway. Haha.

Fourth, my sister’s ignorance about pop culture really amazes me. Can’t believe she doesn’t know who sang the now slowly turning videoke favorite High.

“O sige nga, yung cool sino kumanta?” I couldn’t stop laughing while I asked her this.

“Anong cool?”

“Cool! Co-cool! We used to think it was impossible…”

“Ah, alam ko yun sinasayaw yun di ba?”

Gwen Stefani’s Cool? Sinasayaw? She’s funny. The number of hollywood celebrities that she knows, the movies that she watched, the books that she read, the music that she listens to is really shameful.

Fifth, thanks to pesky texters and callers I’ve decided to change my number again! Yipee! No more diverting my phone. No more pretending to be doing something. The number of persons who I actually gave my number to when I changed my number before the semester started last year was limited and now It’ll be even more limited.

Sixth, the next time something exciting happens to me i swear i won’t tell a single soul because I think I always jinx it. Yeah yeah, I don’t blog about it but I can’t resist to tell at least one person just to get it out of my chest.

Seventh, I suck at lying. Text lies are ok, but point blank face to face lies shouldn’t even be attempted. It’s too dangerous.

8th, damnit, look what we got here, I don’t know how to spell 8! Is it eight or eigth? I google it and both spelling seems correct? Help.

Ninth, we watched Moments of Love. Yes we watched it, don’t ask why or how or why or how or why, bottomline, we watched it. Surprisingly a lot of people actually watch this kind of movies, the cinema was packed. When everyone was serious watching, my friend and I were busy humming the OST moments of love, laughing at the scenes, guessing who Divina is (is it Gloria R. or Karyll?), laughing at one of the scenes that reflected an actual scene in my love life fucked up love life which in turn made me bitter towards Dingdong’s character for a while. I even hurt my neck due to too much laughing.

Tenth, I was up on that boomerang again last night (after the movie)! And this time it wasn’t that scary anymore. We were on the second seat and right before the ride plunged on that third (or fourth) scary loop I said “Ay ang sweet nila” referring to two macho guys in our front who apparently were so gay. That was followed by a loud scream that momentarily drowned all my woos away.

Eleventh, boohoo my friends said I was fatter the last time they saw me (that was almost a month ago) and that I should just keep my body this way. So! Yeah, no more getting myself fat aymore because obviously I overdid it!

Twelfth, I just wish I’ll still have enough money left for the beach because I’m slowly spending my moolah which is really bad.

Thirteenth, while typingt this Michelle Featherstone’s coffee and cigarettes is playing,

I thought that if I didn’t go and play
The sadness would get bored and go away
I thought that if I didn’t go astray
That all my pain would be in yesterday
But it’s true I’m still blue
But I finally know what to do
I must quit, I must quit you

which got me thinking, I really must quit on you. I just have to. Idiot.

  1. Anie said:

    >my friends & i are planning to watch that too… maganda ba?

  2. Abaniko said:

    >On 11th. I’m sure your friends aren’t boys/men because it’s a no-no for us to tell a girl/woman that she’s fat or getting fat/fatter. Some white lies are necessary, you know. 😀

  3. she said:

    >anie: it’s boring, don’t watch it. wala lang final destination3 that’s why we watched it, pinanood na din kasi namin ice age2 eh.abaniko: yeah, they’re girls! yup men are unreliable when you ask them about you getting fat. they’d always say no, you look good hehe,

  4. >eighthhhh… i have no idea. that’s a good one.

  5. kc said:

    >hi she! you actually watched moments of love? hehe… what did you think of the effects we did? the rainbow enhancement, lightning sa haus and fire sa ship? 🙂

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