One of those conversations

Afterwe dopped by at our school, my sister and I met up with her Korean classmate for lunch just for the heck of it.

“So where do you want to eat?” my sister’s Korean friend asked.

My sister and I looked at each other.

“San mo gusto?”

“Kahit san”

“Anywhere” I said.

The Korean eyes on Jollibee.

“Except Jollibee” my sister blurts.

We were standing outside Chowking so I anticipated he’ll say Chowking. I eye on my sister again.

“Except Jollibee and except Chowking”, she added.

“Ok where do you want? KFC?”

“Ok”, at the back of my mind damnit KFC??

We reached KFC and I was wishing that it’ll be packed with people so we could find another place to eat but it wasn’t, so KFC it is.

“What do you want?” the Korean asked.

“I’ll have a one piece chicken.” my sister said.

“Me too, one piece, spicy and breast ok?”

“Ok you’ll have the same?”


Then I forgot to add I wanted rootbeer. They already lined up to get our order.

“Rootbeer yun drinks ko sabihin mo.”

“Wag na, baka malito yun.” my sister said with an evil grin.

“Oo nga noh baka malito pa sa order naten.” I added laughing.

So we enjoy the boring meal.

“Are you the eldest sister?” the Korean asked.

“Yes I am and I’m the prretiest too. Do you agree?” while trying hard to make my eyes twinkle.

“No. Both of you are panget!” he answered while laughing.

“You want me to punch you?” I said laughing.

“You want us to fight?”

“Yeah we could outside. I know taekwondo.” I wasn’t kidding when I said I knew taekwondo. Ha!

Then after they ate, one asked me “Are you done yet?”

He looked eager to go.

“Not yet.” I said because I was still eating that boring chicken breast.

“You’re friend’s not done yet, he’s still eating your fries, see?”

Then right after I swallowed that last bit of chicken he said “Let’s go.”

WTF? I would have appreciated it if he wasn’t in a hurry and let me rest for a few minutes before we left.

“Di ko feel yung Korean na yun” I said to my sister.

“Bakit naman? Mabait yun, kuripot lang”

“Oo muka ngang kuripot. Basta di ko sya feel. Parang di sya nakakatawa unlike yung Korean classmates ko dati. Di sya madaldal.”

I therefore conclude na hindi pang international ang beauty ko.

  1. >some people are just incomprehensible… but then again it may just be that he’s from another culture altogether.

  2. Anie said:

    >di lahat ng koreans tulad nung mga napapanood natin from tv. ung iba ang kulit. haaayy…

  3. cherry said:

    >bakit may kasama kang korean?

  4. she said:

    >dezphaire: yeah it’s the culture i think..anie: sinabi mo pa! hehecherry: honey, sa dami ng korean sa philippines ngayun it’s not impossible that you hang out with them every now and then! hehe

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