The art of multi tasking

This is one thing I’m an expert at.

Right now I am:

Dowloading tons of mp3s

Listening to music

surfing the net


texting four people at the same time using two different phones

thinking about what just happened a while ago. shit.

ahahaha!!! i like the feeling of doing a lot of things at the same time! a different kind of energy..

My muscles are sore, my body’s aching, I had just about 3 hours sleep plus a 30 minute nap on my way home. I’ll tell you the story tommorrow.

P.S. shit haba ng hair ko baka maapakan mo. ahihi.

  1. >i had a sleepless night too~ what a coincidence… 🙂

  2. cherry said:

    >Dear She,I can multi-task too.Love,Cherry

  3. >haba ng hair?…hmm looks like things are going well for you this summer…gud for ya. =)

  4. Abaniko said:

    >Texting 4 people at the same time—that’s a feat by itself. Ibang klase ka, She.

  5. she said:

    >neko: hmm somebody must be thinking of us badly lolcherry: dear cherry, isn’t multi tasking do fun??sweetskittles: going well? not really.. lagi lang mahaba hair ko, hanggang haba lang ng hair no improvements whatsoever hehe..abaniko: yeah that’s just a small number of people i text compared to what i text when i’m really in demand ahaha

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