Summer Ooh Lala

I think this summer vacation’s taking its toll on me. I’m slowly, getting bored. But not yet totally bored because I still have some junk to fix (my closet’s a mess), some pictures to scrapbook, tv shows to watch, websites to surf, friends to text, other people who call me and several books to read. So yeah not yet there, but slowly I’ll be bored to death and I will need to get out of the house.

And I’ve been terribly missing The OC!!! The cute outfits, the witty lines, the funny moments, the mush, the cheese, Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth!! Seth! Where do I find cute geeks like him. I badly want some season1 and season2 dvds. When will season3 be aired here!!!!

For the meantime I just watch this, this, this, and this to feed the hunger.

Another thing that SHOULD get me preoccupied this summer is this huge flab on my tummy. I need to work on this, its frustrating, I don’t want to look at it.

  1. >ack! flab problem me too! packers.but at least you have summer vacation. hay. inggit.

  2. she said:

    >neko & dez: looks like i’m not the only one pulling my hair because of a flab! at least i’m not alone eh? let’s say adios to our flab shall we

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