Let’s talk about friendster

I go on my usual internet routine: check my mail, check my friendster, check my blog, check other people’s blogs, check the forum the i frequent, then one person in my friendster list caught my eye so I clicked on her profile.

Was I just mesmerized? I wanted to wipe my eyes and pinch my arm.

This totally looks exactly like my sister’s friendster profile except it was another persons’ profile. It cannot be. I gave my sister my codes so that she could customize her profile too. I check this girl’s codes and lo and behold its my friggin’ codes and she didn’t even dare change the images, they were the exact same images my sister used so their profiles were like carbon copies of each other!!

That copy cat biatch!!

My sister was raving mad. I was furious!

I immediately changed the filenames of the images (yes I was hosting the images since she copied the entire codes) so that they won’t appear on her profile.

I changed the original filenames to: trixiegayagaya.jpg, wag_gayagaya.gif, and beoriginal.gif, then I inserted some message in between the codes stating that the codes are ours and cannot be copied.

Shit, I PAINSTAKINGLY did those codes since the friendster css generator is not that helpful in fully customizing the profiles.

I know, this is so immature and childlike but, but, but, I just can’t get over the fact that something I put a lot of effort in doing will just be stolen by some copy cat who didn’t even dare ask permission.

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  1. cherry said:

    >hahaha, do that to teach that bitch a lesson

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