This is it!!

Ok Brando is dead. But don’t worry, it was not an excruciating death (i.e. he popped and burst), it was more of a subtle death. First he lost some air in his nody, then some of his parts started to malfunction until he was spaghetti like. Brando’s friends were ok after his death as they know that they have a short life span. Some must be inflated, some must be deflated.

As for my short span balloon twisting addiction, it’s now stabilized. A few days ago I was literally twisting balloons in my mind but now I’m starting to get over it but still, twisting balloons is fun ok?! My mom bought another pack just to feed the addiction.

Ok onwards to some good news! Well, as you might have noticed, I haven’t updated for days because I was busy procrastinatingstudying! And now it’s over. I’m officially on vacation! Yahoo!! We headed at Shiela’s house after the exams yesterday (yeah exams on a friggin’ SUNDAY!) and pigged out on food, got intoxicated a little (pulang kabayo ya’ll), sang, dance, chit chatted, then after that off we went to the carnival. I love carnivals, just like someone I know, they make my heart go wild. The line was uber long but we didn’t mind. Shit we were excited and scared, so excited and scared that we already started screaming while waiting for our turn. How stupid can we get? Anyway, I got a teeny weeny remembrance from last night; it’s a reddish kiss mark like thing that’s now starting to turn black. Apparently, Bhey’s grasp on my hand got so tight during the ride!! She was teary eyed after the ride nyahaha. That’s how scared she got.

So today’s my official first day of vacation. All I did was surf the net and watch tv. Speaking of tv, this one girl’s statement while watching beauty and the geek stunned me, she said something like “In all honesty, I’ve never had a moment in my life wherein I felt that I was smart”. I was like huh? You think you’re that stupid? Never ever felt smart – ever? Tsk tsk. Beautiful dumb girls fascinate me.

So for this vacation I think I’ll eventually get bored bumming around so I’ll keep myself busy doing geeky crap and stuff, be domesticated, go out, watch tv, surf, hang out, read, be productive and all haha. I have four books waiting to be read! 🙂


I hope this diverting my phone to a guy friend’s number who will pretend to be my boyfriend thing will work to make me gt rid of some pesky guy. ahihi.

Some people just don’t want you to have a peaceful life. Stop it already. You’re mean. I hate you.

  1. Abaniko said:

    >Summer vacation. Yeah! Any plans of going out of town with family or friends? The beach or the mountains would be fun.

  2. >i call them the “talking mannequins”. the dumb pretty ones are really funny without being funny.

  3. >the last time I went to a carnival was at the U.P. fair last month.The “Deadly Chubibo” haunts me to this day. I should have tried rock climbing instead (*sigh).

  4. she said:

    >abaniko: i dunno, no plans yet hehemike: yeah, don’t you find them fascinating? then afterwards lose interest na hahasweetskittles: haven’t been on a real chubibo, the one that almost swings you upside down, i think i’ll die but i want to try it 🙂

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