Twist it baby

I never thought that balloon twisting could be so much fun!!! I’ve found twisted balloons shaped like animals scattered all over our house two days ago and I thought my sister got those from a party. This morning I saw a balloon twisting instruction leaflet lying on the floor. I asked my mom what was that for and she told me they bought a balloon twisting kit at the mall. Hearing that made me really really excited. I eagerly asked her where the balloons are. The kit includes a hand pump, balloon twisting instructions, eye stickers (for the animals) and a lot of balloons! Seeing the instructions was easy twisting the actual ballons was tricky and scary. I was so scared to bend and twist the ballons because they might burst. Turns out I wasn’t just paranoid. While inflating one of the balloons with the pump t suddenly burst. I screamed in terror and my hands were trembling, all these because of a balloon. I was so scared that I put the kit away. After a minute, I couldn’t resist the balloon twisting and badly wanted to make an animal so I put out the kit again. After several unrecognizable balloon figures and popped up ballons later, I succesfuly made a dog and a dragonfly. At first I tried making a bee, then a swan, but the results didn’t look anything like the ones on the instruction so I opted for the dog. As dumb as it may sound, I felt accomplished. Haha. I named the dog Brando! It was so much fun I think I’d ask my mom to buy a new set of balloons! I even searched for instructions online. Haha.

  1. cherry said:

    >you know what i like? popping balloons! i do it all the time esp. when my baby cousins are here… i want to make them cry. i know its sick but it pleases me. hehe

  2. Abaniko said:

    >She, I have a challenge for you the next time you do balloon twisting: form a porcupine.

  3. >i see you’ve learned a new skill…what’s next?if you have nothing in mind yet, i suggest palm reading.(eyng?) Hi kay Brando.I bet naubusan na sha ng hangin ngayon.

  4. Ann said:

    >Hello! I never heard that kit before, wish i can get one for my kids, mukhang nag enjoy ka eh.Have a nice day!

  5. >brando is a handsome fellow~hey! what’s wrong with palm-reading? šŸ™‚

  6. she said:

    >cherry: there was a time when i liked making kids cry too! haha! but now i want to make them laugh na!abaniko: potcupine?? and you call that a challenge? sisiw.. LMAOdezphaire: you and abaniko have crazy ideas hahasweetskittles: palm reading? hmm.. i think mind reading is more exciting!! haha!!ann: try it!! the kids (and the feeling kids) love it!! meron sa robinsons mallsneko: yeah palm reading sounds fun too, lol

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