I was again late for my business economics class and one of my classmates was on the hot seat. Our instructor looked frustrated and angry. My seatmate whisphered to me thete’s a recitation. Shit. I hurriedly scanned the book and read as much as I could so that I could be prepared, just in case.

My seatmate, a mom and the “most matured” in the class (I think her age is around 40), looks at me in confusion then pulls out a piece of paper. I thought she was going to write down notes but turns out she was going to talk to me thru writing. She’s so proper, she didn’t want to interrupt the class and didn’t want to make any noice thus she’ll talk to me silently thru paper. There was even a time when somebody was calling her and she didn’t answer it because we were in the middle of a discussion. I said “sige sagutin mo na! Lumabas ka sagutin mo baka important yan“, still she didn’t answer it. Her cellphone was even on vibrate mode. Mine isn’t. It beeps whenever I have a text and the instructor hears it. I even text infront of him (we are in the front seat). It must be the age gap or something, and besides, I break rules. Going back to the paper thing, she wrote down:

Recitation ngayun nung mga mababa yung grades tsaka kulang yun quiz.

I blurt out an oooohhh, ahhh.. Then I hesitated for a while and wrote her back.

-Kasali ba tayu dun? Hinde noh?

-Hindi siguro yun mga mababa lang daw.


On a different note, summer’s just around the corner!! I hope the Puerto Galera plan will push thru!!!! Well if not, I might just be in La Union again. Eck!!

Anyhoo, most of my batchmates are graduating this April, and me? I’ll be a super senior next semester but I don’t mind, I got over the fact that I won’t graduate on time. So be it. So what. That’s the spirit!!

And oh, have you noticed? I don’t talk about my lovelife here huh? I won’t. haha. Because my love life is either non existing or completely fucked up.

  1. she said:

    >sweetskittles: oh well.. *sigh* at least i’m not alone! lol! hey thanks for linking me up :)lloyd: anong you too? lovelife is fucked up? join the club! haha

  2. lloyd said:

    >oo noh! hehe.. kasali na ko sa samahan nyo nyan.. hehe

  3. she said:

    >lloyd: oo nga ano ba yan how sad.. 😦 hehe

  4. fLoi said:

    >she! i’m back! please update your links. *mwah*

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