I think my friends and I have this special ability to test people’s patience. Good thing our van driver for the field trip didn’t snap because we were certainly driving him nuts. Some of the other students were at the bus and us, being VIP students (kidding lol), used the van. Imagine the driver had to endure 9 girls and 1 guy through the entire trip.

First we were whiney about the aircon because it was so frigggin’ hot.

“Kuya ang inet! Kuyaaaaa!! Kuya lakas mo aircon. Kuya itodo mo aircon. Ang inet kuyaaa!! kuya! kuya! kuyaaaaa!!”

Then we started complaining about the lack of sounds. The driver willingly acknowledged the need for music and rummaged his cd’s and chose something he thought we’d like. The cd turned out to be a collection of mushy songs. The whiney babies cry again and discriminates the kuya for his taste of music. “Kuya nakakabaog naman yan”, followed by evil laughters. The pityful van driver again searches through his cds, this time songs from the 80’s. We didn’t complain because we realized that maybe he doesn’t have better cd’s so 80’s will do. Then careless whispher was on and we started dancing ala macho dancers. Kuya with his inept ability to decipher what’s on our minds figured that we wanted the van to be a club so he popped a new cd with dance music. We didn’t exactly really liked what he played but we were apprecative that he accomodates our wants. The torture didn’t stop there, we teased and laughed at him. Kuya, you’re a good sport and we salute you for putting up with a bunch of irritating girls who did nothing but laugh and talk green stuff (oops) and for not dropping us at EDSA or worse some deserted area.

Enough with the driver. I’ll move on and talk about the beautiful people I saw yeterday. First at the ad agency, the lady who gave us a tour was so cute that she had a resemblance with my favorite Kate Hudson. She was really pretty and petite and smart. Uh, oh, Lesbo alert! hehe! Then at lunch we saw this cute guy at Tokyo! Tokyo!, then at ABS-CBN we anticipated to see a lot of beautiful people although I didn’t think I’d be starstrucked. We saw a bunch of celebrities and the word starstrucked didn’t emerge. The ABS tour guides were also cute by the way. Then there was a commotion. It’s Diether. So what? Turns out he’s so fine I couldn’t help but stare. Eye candy. But with too much make-up! Eeek.

Side trip was at Baywalk and so we had some SML and a bunch of cigars. Poor kuya, had to endure 10 8 intoxicated people. The tour was so-so but the company of my classmates was fun.

  1. ie said:

    >as the cliche goes, it’s times like this that make life worth livin’. =]

  2. Rey said:

    >Hahaha… that was hilarious. Man, you tortured your driver to death! Kuya eh? Pakunswelo.hehe. But since you bunch had fun, I’d give it to you.

  3. CIE said:

    >pag bigyan mo na pag tumanda ka maiintindihan mo rin you look like tanya garcia *winks!

  4. Abaniko said:

    >Aba swerteng drayber yun ah. Pinalibutan sya ng magagandang babae. At sino naman ang magrereklamo nyan? Kahit tadtad pa sya ng alaska eh. Hehe.

  5. >good travel-partners, like good coffee-partners are hard to find šŸ™‚

  6. she said:

    >nizoral: i totally agree!!rey villegas: yeah, we indeed had a lot of fun. it’s fun making fun of people (in a nice way ha, lol)cie: tanya? thanks. pero di yata hahaabaniko: oo nga eh nag enjoy yata si kuya hahaneko: uhuh!! i agree! they are essential when travelling šŸ˜‰

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