When caught unprepared, do this

Ms. Cruz, why does the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and all other banks in the world do not make it their goal to make inflation zero but instead just keeps it at a low and stable level? Wouldn’t it be better if prices of commodities will be as low as the prices back in the 70’s?

Oh, oo nga pala we have two Ms. Cruz in here. [insert my name here]!

Ha? Me?? But. But. But I wasn’t even listening. Ok, well, I was, kinda. I was on the state of multi tasking when I got called. I was kinda listening, while not listening, while texting, while day dreaming, while staring outside the door. And besides, I suck BIG TIME in economics shit. But I didn’t fret. No, not me.

The next scene would be me answering uber confidently, it’s as if I knew what I was saying and as if what I was saying was right. And all I got was stares from my classmates who, I think, were thinking that what I was saying was making sense when in fact it was just a bunch of words tied together delivered confidently with matching pacute close-up smile. Ching! Teacher was speechless and blurts out an uhuh, ok and gives that look, as if saying “I’m not sure if what you said was right, I know there’s something wrong with it, I’m just not sure what it is exactly and even if I know what’s wrong with what you said I’ll just nod and appear I agreed because you said that so confidently I don’t wanna piss you”. Ahaha. See what confidence can do. At least I didn’t look dumb. 🙂 Works all the time!

I was supposed to have some me-time and go to the mall alone, buy a shirt, buy food, walk, window shop, and stare at people. But then my friend who’s always bored on Saturdays said we should hang out and so we did. We managed to squeeze in a lot of stuff in a few hours. I went to the grocery, we went to the archade, we did videoke, we watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and throughout the movie I was still wondering what the hell happened to Hillary Duff, and ate dinner. I still can’t get over the fact that he was laughing his ass off when he heard me sing for the first time. I felt comedic tuloy.

  1. >i gladly give up me-time for we-time. there is never enough we-time and us-time sometimes it seems…

  2. Abaniko said:

    >Sa tingin ko She, kayang-kaya mo ang BB. Pilipinas at Ms. Universe beauty pageants. Hehe.

  3. she said:

    >dreaming-neko: yeah, there is never enough time these days, always rushing and all no time to do the things ou really wantdez: eeeeek talaga!!!abaniko: waah i don’t think so, that’s a different story na lol

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