Interesting People Indeed

While rummaging the tons of books at book sale, I happen to notice the people around us.

Person #1 Bookworm
I thought he was kinda cute. Ah! He’s at book sale! He must be interested in books! He must be fond of reading! Therefore, there’s a possibility that he is smart! Add the fact that he is (kinda) cute, I might get his number (bwahaha). As he reached the counter, I extended my neck (haha) to see what book he bought. What book is he going to buy? Fiction (he must be bored)? Non fiction (he must be eager to learn something)? Self help (he must be suicidal)? Ahhh, the book he’ll buy will kinda reflect his personality. And then I might get his number (not really haha). But then I find out, he’s just horny. He bought an FHM mag.

Person #2 Mommy Whiney
“Choose only one lang ha”. Hmm.. Good. A mom actually takes her daughter to the book store and lets her choose what she wants. Except the kid goes for a coloring book. Then she changed her mind and said she wanted a “slam book” instead. The mom bought it. Then before I knew it all I heard was a series of loud whining from the mom.

“o yan ha binibili kita ng gusto mo”

“tapos pag may pinapagawa ako ayaw mo”

“nakikita mo ha ganyan lang nakukuha mo gusto mo”

“o susundin mo na ko ha!”


“oh good”

“pag pina-sign mo mga classmates mo dyan dapat pencil”

“walang ballpen ha”

“pencil lang sabihin mo para pwede sila mag-erase”

“let’s go na”

“sabi na one book lang”

And then they were gone. And Book Sale was peaceful again.

Person #3 Oh no! Yet Another Saleslady
I understand that it’s already late when we arrived but it’s not quite closing time. 45 minutes before closing time. This saleslady was already stacking up the piles of books neatly but she was doing it in a not so nice manner. I thought she wants everyone out so they could close early. Of course I still wanted to take a look at the piles of books so I did. Out of courtesy, I returned the books nicely so that she won’t arrange them all over again even if it’s her job to arrange all the books that the customers throw all over. I noticed she kept on following me and she continued to arrange the books beside me while I browsed through the books. It’s as if she’s shooing me away.

Suddenly she asked “ano pong hinahanap nyo?” and I answered “Stones by the river or stones from the river, I’m not sure basta may stone at may river (laughs)”. “ay wala na dyan, inayos ko na lahat yan”, she said. Oh really huh? Then as if she was expecting us to already leave after she said that the book I was looking for is not in there.

So I said “Ok, titingin pa ko ng iba”, “Is that a problem?”. Bitch. Because she obviously wanted to go home already, we didn’t get out to piss her. Ane besides, we’re still looking for books. Other customers were also still looking for books. They pulled the shutter down. No customer came out. They turned off some of the lights. Still no customer came out. I bet they were already annoyed and badly wanted to get us out of the store. Haha.


I’m running out of cash and I have so many things that I plan to buy thus the reason why I suddenly became frugal. Save. I can’t even think of a way on how to get instant cash. Ebaying my stuffs definitely came into my mind. But, it’s as if I have a LOT of stuff that could actually be turned into a decent amount of money. Hmm.. As I was doing my assignment this morning I even came across this 21st century piggy bank. I so want this piggy bank because it’s cute.


So MANY things to do. So many things, I WANT to do. So little time. So little money also. I can be tagged as jack of all trades master of none. I don’t mind. As long as I’m flexible.

P.S. I’m getting fat.

  1. Rey said:

    >Hahaha… i really enjoy reading blog entries like this. Maybe because i’m not so good in entering detailed day-to-day specifics about what’s happening in my life. And don’t worry, a little fat here and there is not so bad. Actually fat in the right places do make women more volouptous. Just don’t let it turn into really baggy cellulite. hehe.

  2. >ako din, getting fat. btw, ang cute nga nung piggy bank. aliw!

  3. mei said:

    >kainis ang mga saleslady na sinusundan ka at inaayos ang lahat ng hinawakan mo, bakit ba? eh sa gusto kong tignan eh, maayos ko naman ibinabalik, aayusin niya pa rin. hehe. naglabas lang ako ng angst. hahaha! btw, piggy’s really cute. i want one too =]

  4. she said:

    >rey: thanks, i’m glad you enjoyed it hehedez: waaah we’re fatmei: ahh talaga kakainis! sarap sabunutan lol

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