February 23 was a busy day for me. One day, three events, and only three hours of sleep.

The year was 1985 and exactly 21 years later, my mom and dad still continue to love and sometimes test each other’s patience. Just like life, marriage has its ups and downs, and theirs isn’t spared. But the ups are way way too many compared to the downs. To celebrate their 21 years of loving, learning, growing and hating each other, we went out for a simple dinner.

the kids

common let’s eat!

everyone šŸ™‚

together forever ahihi

As for our oral defense, it was good! Actually, I think I might have defended it too much haha. Career to the max! There was even a side comment from the panel. They said they don’t want to compare, (although they obviously did haha) but it was really well written compared to the other groups. Yahoo!! I can’t remember how many times I said “thank you” after they said that. There were a few minor revisons (of course) although we don’t take accountability for the major part to revised (which isn’t that major really). Of course we won’t. It’s not our mistake. Who else is to be blamed if neither one in the thesis group was the cause of the mistake? Who else is involved in the making of the thesis? GO FIGURE. Uh, oh..

Happy birthday Donnie!! Tol the I depend was a success. Eurostar Puerto Galera – here we come!!!

Yeah, we plan to go to Puerto Galera but the chances of actually going there is like, hmm, let’s see, 80% maybe because my friends are the biggest drawing. BUT! If we won’t be able to wear our swimsuits and flash our sexy bodies at Puerto, we’ll go bargain shopping at Tutuban instead. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait for summer vacation.

After hours of malling and resisting the urge to buy something, we dropped by at Book Sale and I saw this book which looked quite decent and I was surprised it was priced at P15. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. One moment I was ready to buy, one moment I founf myself hiding it behind the pile of books so I could buy it later. Dude, it’s only 15 bucks, why are you having second thoughts, kadiri! So I bought the book, which is spontaneous really because I was alarmed by the sound of the pulling down of the shutters because obviously Book Sale (and the entire mall!) was about to close down! I hurriedly brought the book to the cashier while wondering if my P15 was worth it, haha whre is this frugality coming from? I’m saving up for something ok (the word save was almost paced out from my vocabulary)!! In fairness to the book, it looked interesting that’s why it caught my attention in the first place, the P15 tag was just overwhelming. What’s even more overwhelming was when I got home, I googled the book and saw it on Amazon. It was an Oprah’s book club book!! Ahihihi!! Hidden treasure! It has an average rating of 4 stars so I expect this isn’t a bad book after all and that’s for P15!

Is is martial law yet? Kidding. Please no martial law. I still have a life ahead of me after college and I don’t want such restrictions hehe.


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