Double meaning?

While we were walking, Shiela suddenly remembered that her boyfriend is going to pick her up at their house so she said she’ll have to go. I asked her, “where are you going? are you going out”? “Ewan ko”, she answered back and then I again asked “Ano, are you going out? or going in”? Then she laughed. Then I realized the “going in” part didn’t sound right. I, too, laughed at that.

Our oral defense is on Thursday already and I think I’m getting nervous by the minute.

  1. Abaniko said:

    >buti nga yan grammatically correct pa eh. eto kaya?girl 1: ano ba? are we gonna walk or are we gonna ride?girl 2: are we gonna walk na lang tayo!

  2. the glue said:

    >-ok, feb. 24 na ngayon, musta defense?

  3. >and there’s double meaning to oral defense either! or maybe it’s just me.

  4. she said:

    >abaniko: haha!! buti hindi piniliyung are we gonna ride na lang sila!glue: ayos OD!! kinabog lang naman namen sila!! kapal hahaha!!!kiss my mike: LMAO!! never thought of it that way! i think it’s just you! hehe

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