Musings of the soon to be unemployed

We finally got to meet Shiela’s boyfriend, Chris who just got back from Singapore (or Australia? not sure). And I was surprised that I was the first one he recognized. He walked in the room and set his eyes on me.

“You’re sheanne right?”


I guess Shiela’s been telling him about us (me haha) often. I just wonder if these are bad or good stories! Kidding. So we thought he was one of those scary looking Germans (sorry), but he was actually cute. Their babies will definitely definitely be celebrity material. Our Euro Star trip won’t pursue because he’s here with his boss’ son. We’re planning (ACKKK puro kayo plano) on just going on a beach sometime this summer. I wonder if this will push true. Some of my friends (you know who you are) are so “drawing” and their parents won’t even allow them on a night out (that’s why we don’t get to go out often) much more a 3 day 2 night out of town tour. Whatever. We seriously need a break from all the pressures of this semester. We again had this conversation on our plans after graduation, which happens to be getting more frequent. I know my friends and I share the same dreams and aspirations. Working abroad is definitely top on the list but before we could actually board on a plane and live la vida loca independently, we have to settle for a crappy but high paying job or a wonderful but low paying job or a crappy and low paying job here in the Philippines first. Wonderful and high paying job, when talking about the Philippines and a fresh graduate are two words that you won’t find collaborating. Being a fashion magazine editor, a writer, a graphics artist, a children’s book illustrator, make up artist and advertiser are few of the jobs I would really enjoy, good thing one of those coincides with my course. For all we know, we’ll initially end up, as like the rest of the fresh graduate workforce, as call center agents. There’s actually a 90% possibility that we will be learning the twang and start talking to angry Americans in the unholy hours of the day. Learning the twang won’t a problem, talking to angry Americans is annoying and sometimes self confidence shattering but also won’t be a problem because I’m a very patient person I must say, the nocturnal hours will never ever be a problem because I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning much more with pay. What I don’t like about call centers is I’m not even sure if it is a stable career and if there are chances that you’ll go up the corporate ladder. Thus one of my personal motto is this: Not to be ministered unto; but to minister. Another drawback on call centers is the chances of your brain rotting because none of your brain cells are actually doing “challenging” work. I just don’t like that. I need to learn and grow and a call center might not be the place for that. Although a call center is good as a “stepping stone”, a temporary, and an easy cash job. Call center: “let’s see if our paths will meet”.

Onward to fickle alert. I’ve changed phones twice this month. I’m not sure how long I’m going to hold on to this one. And oh, I think I am really getting fat. My tummy is huge. I. Need. To. Do. Something. About. This. PRONTO!

  1. mei said:

    >i’m sure you’ll get the job you want she, just be patient and submit lang ng submit ng resume. =] and yeah, summer is fast approaching, and pareho tayo, all me and my friends have are plans, plans, plans. wish ko matupad naman kahit isa eh, hahaha! =]

  2. she said:

    >mei: you sure?? lol!! how i wish!! hay sana matupad summer plans 😉

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