Prettifying the memories

And so I again started thinking of giving scrapbooking a shot. I know it’s so geeky, I know. Ahh, soo geeky!!! But I really like doing crafts (sometimes) and those sort of things and I love taking photos because these are memories so I thought of fusing my two loves and try scrabooking again. Again. It’s not like I’ve actually did it before. I’ve thought of actually starting to do it before but knowing how a heavy procrastinator I am, non of my pics we’re “scrapbooked”. Really, I promise, one of these days my pictures will be adorned with lovely papers and embellishments. But before I start cutting and doodling I first need to clean my closet which is shouting C-L-U-T-T-E-R!! I’m also going to replace my bulletin board with a spanking new cork board. Argh, I need to make a list of the things I’m supposed to do. Yup. I do that all the time. I can’t live without making lists because aside from the fact that I’m forgetful (that’s given na), I like the idea of organizing things into lists so I feel my life and I are coordinated. After I do all of those I’m going to stack up on nice colored papers, pens, and other scrapbooking materials!!

My friend wants me to join a certain bikini open contest. WTF????!!!! People are nuts.

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  1. >i like making lists just feels good sometimes knowing that i have accomplished something. but it’s a disappointment if i don’t get to finish a single activity in my list.

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