Being in first grade

I spent my entire day yesterday with my parents, sister, cousin, and a bunch of other kids and moms. It was my sister and cousin’s first field trip. We looked maarte and all because we were the only ones who brought a car but we didn’t mind. I think my mom would rather be called maarte than ride those buses which looked like they were used during the prehistoric era. hehe. Anyway, my mom is such a packrat. She brought tons of food, a cooler (yes a cooler!) with tons of coke and juice, a mat (she exected picnic), emergency kit, clothes, a huge umbrella (did I say picnic), and a lot more other stuff.

As I saw the kids I couldn’t help but think what they would be like in the future. Some of them would remain cute or even cuter. Some of the not-so-cute ones will be the ones girls/guys go gaga when they grow up. Some of the not so popular ones a.k.a. the geeks will make an ala revenge of he nerds comeback. Some of them will start to like each other. Some of them would remain friends while others will completely lose contact with each other. Let’s just wish that friendster is still there by that time.

I wanted to take lots of photos of my sister with her classmates so that in the future she’ll be able to see what she was and her friends were like back then. I didn’t have a chance to do that.

She, mom, king, ela

this is my dad’s attempt to do a “casual” look


my sister and “pekeng amerikano” cousin. cute nila noh?

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  1. mei said:

    >hehe, cute ng mga kids no? kung pwede lang talaga kids na lang forever. btw, did you go to butterfly garden in marikina? malapit lang kase samin yun eh. =)

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