Lookey here

My friendster profile is set to first degree but I can receive messages from anyone thus the flooding of messages in my inbox. To my friends and people I actually know: don’t be scared to send me messages, you might be paranoid I’ll post them here but I won’t. These are from people I do not even know. Enjoy.

  1. kc said:

    >maybe this is the result of being pretty, she… just a thought… πŸ™‚

  2. she said:

    >kc: hmm, not sure about that.. gusto lang yata nila dumami friendsters nila eh hehe! thanks though πŸ™‚

  3. teripotz said:

    >Eh pano naman kse ang pretty mo, sis..hehe..Hay naku, yung iba talga, ginagawang basehan ang pagkakaroon ng dami ng kaibigan sa friendster when it comes to popularity. eh yung iba dun di naman nila kilala XD haha

  4. she said:

    >teripotz: that’s precisely my point! they think they’re popular because they have 500+ friends pero the ones they really know are just 50 of those 500+ hehe then sa 50 na kilala nila baka half lang ang may kilala sa kanila hahaha..

  5. mei said:

    >hi she, can’t post on your tagboard eh, my pc won’t allow me. niwei, me too, i’ve been here before. hey, why don’t we link up? =] btw, that’s one flooded friendster! i don’t really like adding people who are not really my friends, kaya nga “friendster” eh. paramihan lang yata gusto nila =)

  6. she said:

    >mei: ok i’ll link you up :)yup i don’t really add people i don’t know these days. before when friendster was still new i thought it was proper that i accept their invitation and reply to theiir messages since most of them are friends of my friends but now! kung sino sino na lang.. hay..

  7. she said:

    >hmm not as popular as abaniko πŸ˜‰

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