SHIT. Blogger is testing my patience. I just fixed my comments tags and now I lost the whole whiney entry about my hair. shit. I’ll post the picture instead because I don’t want to write it all again for the FOURTH TIME. Yes, I wrote it already 3 times because blogger screwed up my entry. I tried saving it as draft but then it just disappeared.

What? You’re not yet done obssessing with your hair?

Summary of my deleted post: I cellophaned my hair and nothing happened. It didn’t work.

my hair after i cellophaned it. no change at all except it turned a bit darker.

  1. >hmm. not too sure if it colors your hair, but what i know is that it should make your hair softer and really smooth.Ü correct me if am wrong. your hair looks great though.Ü have a good one today…

  2. she said:

    >yah it should color the hair! actualy there are 5 colrs available.. thanks!

  3. >Gee…your hair smells terrific!Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. she said:

    >kiss my mike: hehe thanks

  5. cherry said:

    >i’ve got server problems… but u can access ur site. u have a nice hair, no… make that pretty. mine’s wavy and pubic-y! eeek!

  6. >pedeng pang-PANTENE commercial ah!wie geht’s (howdy)? ‘hopping…here and there bago matulog …gute nacht (gud nayt)! mwuahhh(° I°)

  7. she said:

    >cherry: PUBIC-Y? you sure that’s the right term to describe it?! lolracky: thanks!!

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