This was last Dec 22-23

I swear this christmas party was full of drama and crap but in the end we had awesome fun.

The water was uber cold (what do we expect?) but we still immersed ourselves in the water anyway! It was so fun.

We stored our food inside the ref so it won’t get spoiled the next day but we didn’t bring any pots to heat the food. Jean went to the office to borrow a pot but they said we could rent it for 50 bucks! 50 bucks?! That lady was the biggest opportunist that morning! Her pot was so ugly, I wondered where she got the nerve to have it rented for P50. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, we sure did sang a lot of karaoke!! We were videoke whores. We salivate at the sight of a P5 coin, hehe..

  1. >wow! great pics!merry christmas and happy new years to ya!

  2. mei said:

    >nice pics! just hopped from rachel kaya lang di makatag sa bord mo eh. happy new year!=]

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