My my screw forgetfulness

We were having coffee and muffin at dunkin donuts after our uber early exam when my phone rang.

It’s my mom.


“hello? ma? ano?”


I thought my phone’s battery was dead.

“Fucker! namatay”

But my battery wasn’t low. My phone said: 1 missed call

I wondered why my mom hang up on me when I haven’t even answered the call.

Then Donnie suddenly picked up his phone.

“Hello? Hello? Ha? Sino po to’?”

I thought he was just mocking my call.

Then he gave me his phone.

“Mama mo”

I answered the call “Hello? Ma?”

Then it suddenly hit me! Remember a few weeks ago when I had this annoying caller who I didn’t want to talk to so I diverted his call to Donnie’s phone after 5 seconds? I forgot to turn off the divert!!! I was laughing the entire time I was talking to my mom.

“Asan ka?” my mom asked

“Ha?” laughs

“asan ka? my pera ka ba?”

ah?? pera? ah oo hindi mo ko binigyan ng baon?” still laughing

“sira binigyan kita. bili ka ng cake”

“ng ano? ha? cake” laughs laughs laughs

“oo tawa ka ng tawa. bili ka cake” blah blah blah

“ah oo sige”
laughs laughs laughs

“blah blah blah blah”

“oo sige” laughs

“blah blah blah blah”

“ya gets ko, bye”

I didn’t understand any of the words my mom said after that because I was busy laughing my ass off.

Good thing I was with Donnie when my mom called and I was able to answer the call.

I didn’t realize my divert was still on because I usually answer my calls before 5 seconds.

  1. cherry said:

    >hey, give me a one-word name coz my system does not accept slightly_worn, it did before but it made my logging in difficult. tapos when i re-entered it, sabi ‘’ duhhh.i will still use the pw u gave me. just tell me what ur going to use. dont worry i still have ur files, its just under some folders.

  2. she said:

    >ok thanks just use slightly instead

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