Can you consider this as a talent?

I’m usually slow at doing things, I walk slow, I take a long time to take a bath, and I take forever to get dressed. Of course there are things I am fast at like writing, typing, and I am always the first one to get my hands on that huge pizza. But there’s another thing I’m really really fast at – I ‘m always the first to finish an exam or a quiz (if not, i’m always the second one). Like in my exam today, I was the first one to get done in a group of examiners from 3 or 4 sections. That was so rad! It happens all the time.

Even way back in elementary and high school I was always fast in my exams, the only difference back then though was once I am done, I won’t pass my paper unless a couple of students will pass theirs. I felt conscious. I didn’t want anyone to see I finished first so I’d pretend I am still answering the exam when in fact I am just doodling or making small dots at the back of the test paper. But now I’m a changed woman. Once I’m done, I’m done! No more waiting for someone to pass theirs. No more pretending to still be answering. Because eventually I got bored with always having to wait for somebody. I got bored waiting period and I am eager to get out of there to stop the agony. Erasures are wrong anyway so there’s nothing I can do even if I see something wrong with my paper. Another reason is because I’ve learned to value my time now. The time spent on waiting for somebody to pass their papers can be used for studying for the next exam or something.

So, yeah, I am really really fast in taking exams. 10 minutes at the least.

The funny thing is, once I’ve passed mine, some students start to fumble to get done on their exams too. I think I might be the culprit why some students sometimes get low scores on their exams because they get distracted once I pass my paper already.


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