I wonder what she saw in me

My mom made two huge trays of crema de fruta to bring at my brother’s family day at school. At the last minute I decided to go there with my mom before I head to school just to see how things in my former school have changed. Naturally, the other kids brought their moms too.

The first mom that caught my attention was a full figured woman with uber blonde hair. She was in a hot pink overall topped with a white semi transparent trench coat. At first I thought she was weird but then I realized weird is not the word for it – it’s unique. She owns her style.

Then another mom came, I asked to myself, “will the UNIQUENESS around me never stop”? This particular mom was dressed in a spaghetti top, cargo pants, a cap and a dog tag. Nothing “unique” about that get up exept everything was in camouflage.
I threw a second look at her thinking and half wishing that it wasn’t real, but it was. She really was in a camouflage outfit. I think she left right after she ate.

But one mom really caught my attention. This particular mom cracked me up BIG TIME. She cracked up my mom too BIG TIME. There was nothing wrong with what she wore or how she looked. In fact, she was pretty radiant and beautiful for her age.

I’ve seen overzealous moms in movies, I’ve read fictional overzealous moms, I’ve heard stories of overzealous moms but I’ve never actually met one, not until today.

Before I knew it she already started a conversation with my mom and they talked and laughed like they were the best of friends. It turns out that she wasn’t the mom but the grandma of my brother’s classmate.

But that lady really cracked me up. She was so funny, friendly, and funny. Did I say funny? Yeah she’s funny.

She started asking my mom how old I was and I think they talked about me for a couple of minutes. Then she started saying that she has this son and and he is their youngest, and that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and that he is a “good boy”, and that he is good looking, and that he is stable, and that he wants to hook him up with me.

I thought she was just kidding. I laughed it off. But then she got my YM and my friendster email. She told my mom that she really really wish that I would like her son because she really really likes me and she likes my mom to be her balae.

I was laughing the whole time she was saying all these things. Then she started thanking God because she said she has been praying for this for a long time already. His son brought several pretty girls at home but she didn’t like anyone of them. And now she found me and she felt like it was a blessing. She said “it was meant to be” because I didn’t have a boyfriend. For a moment I felt I was heaven’s ultimate gift to her.

Then she started talking about wedding plans.

“Hay nako kapag nagka tuluyan kayo ng anak ko mag-aalaga na ako ng baboy ngayon pa lang para sa kasal. Hindi naman sa ano ha, malay mo lang di ba?”

Then her daughter came. At first I didn’t know it ws her daughter, she was pretty and she came with her son who was so cute. From afar I saw she was pointing me to them. I bet she was saying I would be their future sister in law. Then her grand daughter came. She introduced me as her tita.

“Ah, darating si kuya [insert cousin’e name here] ko!” her grand daughter said.

Then the mom laughed and rebutted “Aba nauna na ako sa kuya mo. Ipapakilala ko na to sa tito mo”

Seriously, I thought she was nice but she was so funny. These statements even made me laugh my ass off.

“Hay nako gustong gusto ko na talaga sya para kay [insert son’s name], hay sana po talaga Lord.”

“Alam mo kapag nagkatuluyan kayo ng anak ko kahit hindi ka magtrabaho para hindi ka maloshang, kahit ako na magkanda loshang loshang basta ikaw maganda ka pa rin”

“Kapag mag-asawa na kayo, hay wag mo papabayaan ang sarili mo. Dapat maganda ka pa rin di ba? Tignan mo naman ako.” (She has a point, she’s still beautiful)

She and my mom only met for the first time today and they acted like they knew each other for a decade already. She even wanted to come to our house but my mom had to leave early so she didn’t have a chance to take her here at home. She was also eager to meet my dad. She met him when my dad picked up my mom.

All in all it was pretty flattering considering how moms can get so critical on whom their son hooks up with. I wonder what her son thinks though. Sons tend to be ashamed when their mom does something like that! Ahhhh, moms will always be moms.

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  1. Abaniko said:

    >My first time to hear a mom who asks for the YM of somebody for her son. A geeky mom she is. 🙂

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