God knows how I hate the rain except on lazy days when you just want to lay on the bed, read a book, listen to the rain, and slowly drift away to la la land. The Philippines’ climate is so messed up this days that it just starts to rain in the middle of December. This explains why I didn’t want to go to Gizel’s house anymore. Dian actually had to send me texts that forced me to get up, take a quick shower and go there because I fear she would mental torture me if I don’t go.

We tried to watch a Korean film wherein Cholo (from stairway to heaven – I don’t know his real name) is the lead actor. I said “tried” because I think it was only Dian who really wanted to watch and so we watched it for a few minuted and then Gizel and I fell asleep. The silence woke me up when Dian past forward the dvd.

As usual we craved for pizza and pasta. We thought of having a pizza delivered but then it started to rain. Bummer. We ended up eating okoy and pugo for merienda. But the craving was still there. So, in the middle of the night and amidst the RAIN, we walked to the nearby grocery which isn’t actually that near to look for something to eat.

I’ve got tons of things to do and I haven’t started a single one yet. I had a four day vacation and all I did was bum around. I should stop procrastinating, really.

  1. alfie said:

    >Wow… Your fantastically beautiful, huh….

  2. jeeper said:

    >Blog-hopped.I feel the same way about the show. I think it has gone too commercialized, and I think Channel 2 went way too over the top in capitalizing the show. And I am finally haooy it is over. I haven’t really seen an episode in full. I get bored easily.So Nene won. As if I care.Nice Blog, BTW.

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