Look what I got in the mail today!

it smells soooo yummy

  1. she said:

    >shea body butter in french vanilla and mango 😉

  2. france said:

    >Have u tried the body shop’s coconut butter?? OMG i want to eat it whenever i put some on my hands.. oh wait there’s a lip bum version of it, its really good.

  3. >hi she!Ü it certainly looks yummy from here. hope you’re havin a fab saturday…

  4. yayam said:

    >ooohh..advance christmas gift? how nice. :Dhoppin on a sunday afternoon..enjoy the week! 😀

  5. she said:

    >france: haven’t tried it yet but i’m sure it smells yummy tooruss: thanks, i had a fun saturday :)yayam: thanks for droppin’ by

  6. Abaniko said:

    >anong ginagawa ng shea body butter? hinahaplos sa katawan? di ka ba lalanggamin nyan sa “flavor”?

  7. she said:

    >abaniko: parang lotion ganun, lol.. hehe oo nga eh amoy food kasi sya, ang sarap baka kala ng mga langgam food nga!

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