And the bitching continues…

The bitch strikes back! I decided to play mind games on someone who I got so fed up with (hint: previous post nyahaha). It felt good to almost blow his mind away, knowing that I was the cause of major activity on his brain cells. Before you raise your eyebrows, the title of this post has the word “bitch” in it so this’ll be about me being a bitch so deal with it. Anyway, he was calling nonstop and I didn’t want to turn my cellphone off just to get away with his calls so I diverted his call to my guy friend’s cellphone. Haha. Then in the end I made it appear that he was just paranoid and acted like it was no biggie. When asked why I didn’t answer his texts and calls I answered “wala lang, ayoko lang” .

Another bitching – somebody waited for me for four hours at school. He kept texting me, asking me where I was butI didn’t bother send a single reply.

Then on our way home my friend suddenly realized that she shouldn’t have dumped her uber rich suitor right away because it will only be a few days before her birthday and before christmas so dumping him early woud mean no birthday and christmas gifts for her. Ahhhh. Talk about gold digging. Surprisingly, I second the motion! I said “oh my god, dapat pala hindi ko din binasted si [suitor] kasi wala ako christmas gift, wait matext nga sya”. But of course I was just kidding but apparently she was not.

friend: mean girls tayu noh?
me: (laughs)
friend: ako aminado ko mean girl ako
me: oo aminado din ako hindi tayu masyadong good girls so mean girls tayo!
me: maldita tayo noh
me: pero mabait naman tayu ah
friend: (laughs hard)


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