Sheesh, some boring school stuff

Before I even started blogging, I already said to myself that I won’t bash my teachers and won’t say nasty things about them because I don’t want to end up like her, so………………………………………
I’m keeping my mouth shut on how this teacher almost gave my classmates and I a heart attack, a headache, and how she/he made our blood pressure rise higher than the petronas tower and world trade center combined into one, made us want to scream, shake our heads, cry, hurt somebody, raise our eyebrows, roll our eyes, pull our hair out of frustration. Yes it was that bad. We’re planning something but we still can’t put it into action since most of my classmates are graduating students and they are scaredy cats. I don’t blame them. But. My. Mouth. Is. Shut. Zipped. I’ll just look for another outlet, not here. Oh there’s a punching bag! Ah, no, my sister’s here! I’ll kick her ass. Kidding.

And since we are already on the subject of school, let me tell you about this girl in my thesis subject who is this mean nobody wants to be groupmates with her. She still haven’t started working on her thesis yet because she still doesn’t have ANY groupmates in the first place. I heard she took the subject last semester but had to drop it since nobody wanted to be groupmates with her. And now, still, nobody wants to be groupmates with her. You should see her roll her eyes, look at you from head to toe, and try to talk to her and not receive even a simple nod and you’ll understand why people just hate her. Tsk tsk. Poor thing.

Speaking of thesis, I love attending my thesis subject because it’s just consultancy. 15 minutes and we’re dismissed! *sigh*, we’ll get back our thesis tommorow and I’m wondering how many red circles and underlines our adviser happily drew on it.

Then a while ago we had a major “laughing trip” and I feel so so so guilty because we were laughing about this certain incident that happened with us and one of my suitors. Oh my, I felt like I was suddenly transported in one of the scenes from mean girls. All I can say is that it included musings on false teeth, lip lock, coke, and fries.

After that we switched from laughing mode to panic mode because we suddenly remembered that we have an assignment to interview an ad agency. Off we went to the nearest ad agency which as just a couple of blocks away from our school. We entered there totally unprepared, looking unprofessional and while the receptionist was busy talking on the phone, we were like little kids gawking at the posters, ads, flyers, and other promotional materials. We couldn’t stop ooohing and aaaaahing while we were waiting for the receptionist to attend to us. We actually waited that long that we started talking about opening an ad agency, working abroad, and other future plans. We’re actually graduating next sem already! It’s supposed to be this sem but what the heck, we’re going to bully everyone because we are no longer seniors but “super seniors”!


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